2600L Customized Dust Chamber

2600L Customized Dust Chamber

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2600L Customized Dust Chamber


  1. Control cabinet and test chamber are installed together
  2. Test chamber inner shell is funnel type, shaking fan help recycle the dust
  3. Special dust collector
  4. Use flake radiating heat tube P.I.D. control heat to reach the temperature balance
  5. Use high speed specialized fan to blow the test dust to test space
  6. Use vibration motor to shake and recycle the dust to dust collector from the inner chamber wall
  7. RS-232 communication interface, could be used for monitoring and remote control the system, record the test data.


Internal capacity

2592 L

Internal dimension

1200×1800×1200 (mm)   W×H×D

External dimension

About 1700×2667×1500 (mm)  W×H×D



Working noise


Maximum power

5.8 KW

Maximum current


Temperature range

temperature range: RT+560 

Control accuracy

Temperature resolution: 0.1                   

Temperature deviation: ±1                                       
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5