280-400 nm UV Test Chamber

280-400 nm UV Test Chamber

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280 - 400 nm UV Test Chamber


Total 8 pieces uv lamps, we have UV-A / UV-B type lamp, UV-A wavelength coverage:315-400nm, UV-B wavelength coverage: 280-315nm, you can choose UV-A / UV-B tube or choose both types mix together use. If no special instruction, when the machine being delivery, we will equip UV-B tube The service life for lamp can up to 1600 hours.We have touch screen type, touch tone type, horizontal type for your choose.


This series of UV Tester adopts the best simulation of sunshine UV spectral fluoresvent UV lamp and combines with control temperature and supply humidity device to imitate the color change, luminance and strength reduction for material; cracking, spalling, pulverization, oxidation and other damaged sunshine (UV section) high temperature, high humidity, condensation and dark period factors, together with UV-light and humid sybergistic effect to the single light fastness or single moisture-proof decreased or lose efficacy for the material. Thus widely used to evaluate the performance of the climate resistance of materials.