5E Series Fluorine Or Chlorine Analyzer

5E Series Fluorine Or Chlorine Analyzer

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5E Series Fluorine/Chlorine Analyzer

5E Series Fluorine/Chlorine Analyzer is used to determine the fluorine and chlorine in coal or other combustibles by combustion hydrolysis method(Ion selective electrode method for F and Potentiometric titration method for CI), which is widely applied in coal-fired plants, coal mines, steel plants, petrochemical industry, etc.


1. High Automation

  • Automatic analysis process available after sample loading

2. High Efficiency

  • Two sample analyses for each batch and continuous analysis available

3. High safety Assurance

  • Unattended operation with the protection of lack or overflow of water level

4. Flexible Layout

  • No water tap is required around the instrument as it is equipped with water tank.


  1. Measuring Range: Fluorine:10-2000ug/g  Chlorine:0.003-0.4%
  2. Sample Mass: 0.5 g
  3. High Temp Furnace Precision: 1100 ±10℃
  4. Sensitivity of Electrode Potential:  0.1mV
  5. Minimum Filling of Injection Pump: 50 uL
  6. Accuracy: Within uncertainty range of standard sample
  7. Repeatability: 15ug/g(Fad≤150ug/g), 10%(Fad>150ug/g), 0.010% (CLad)
  8. Power Supply: Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60 Hz, ≤3.5 kW
  9. Net Weight: Analysis Unit: 130kg, Reservoir:30kg
  10. Dimension (L× W × H): Analysis Unit: 1400 mm x 600 mm x 610 mm,
  11. Reservoir: 900 mm x 500 mm x 510 mm