Accelerated Aging Calculator

Accelerated Aging Calculator

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Accelerated Aging Calculator


The zone is few in the content in the atmosphere but is the main factor that the rubber crack, the aging box of ozone imitates an enhances the ozone in the atmosphere condition, studying the ozone to the function regulation of the rubber, authenticate and evaluate the rubber anti-zone method of the aging function and a protection of the ant ozone effect quickly, then adopt to defend the aging measure effectively, with the service life that the exaltation rubber product


Workshop size

50 x 50 x 60 cm

Temperature range of the working chamber

RT+10~+60 °C

Temperature fluctuation

± 0.5 °C

Temperature deviatio

± 1.0 °C

Temperature resolution

0.1 °C

Turntable rotary speed

1~30r/min adjustable

Drawing speed

1~30r/min adjustable

Drawing distance

1~150mm adjustable

Product's extension length

1~100mm adjustable

Ozone concentration

0~1000 pphm(control of the set value) adjustable

Deviation of ozone concentration

≤ 5%pphm

Air velocity

Realizable gas velocity is 12~16mm/s or 6mm/s+ 100mm/s

Equipment elcetric power