Affinity Purification System

Affinity Purification System

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Affinity Purification System

Affinity Purification System is a quantitative front-end solution to protein sample preparation workflows. Using Protein A or G cartridges, 8-96 samples may be processed in parallel using either direct binding of a target antibody or by immobilizing an antibody to capture its antigen. Affinity Purification may be used as a standalone application or integrated with other applications such as In-Solution Digestion and Peptide Cleanup to automate and streamline the entire workflow for analysis.

Features of Affinity Purification System


  1. 96, 50uL samples purified in one hour
  2. Full walkaway automation with no expertise required
  3. Excellent analytical precision, with 2 % CVs
  4. Quantitative measurement and recovery of purified product
  5. Easy integration with other workflows