Air Motor Aging Rubber Testing Equipment

Air Motor Aging Rubber Testing Equipment

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Air Motor Aging Rubber Testing Equipment

Air Motor Aging Test Machine With 5~10r/min Swivel Speed Of Rack Rubber Testing Equipment is used to make the deteriortion of vulcanized rubber for figuring the changing rate of pulling and alongation before/after heating. In general, the fest for a whole day is executed in aging oven within 70°C to be equivalent to the specimen having been using for six months in natural environment.



  1. Outer material: static color spraying treatment( cold-roll steel plate) surface, thickness is 1.2mm
  2. Inner material: 304# stainless steel thickness is 2.0mm
  3. Chamber heat insulation material: heat preservation medium is aluminum silicate fiber cotton, chamber
  4. heat preservation material thickness: 100mm       
  5. Heat preservation material of door: aluminum silicate fiber
  6. Install movable trundle and fixed foot cup on the bottom, easy for movement and position
  7. Install rotary table inner chamber, make sure the sample heated uniformly
  8. Light inner chamber: can observe the testing condition of specimen during test