AirJet Erosion Tester

AirJet Erosion Tester

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AirJet Erosion Tester

The Air Jet Erosion Tester is used to test the erosion resistance of solid materials to a stream of gas containing abrasive particulate. The AirJet Erosion Tester is performed by propelling a stream of abrasive particulate gas through a small nozzle of known orifice diameter toward the test sample. Material loss, in this case, is achieved via the impingement of small abrasive particles upon the surface of the test sample. Materials such as metals, ceramics, minerals, polymers, composites, abrasives, and coatings can be tested with this instrument. The test specimen, temperature, angle of incidence of the jet stream, abrasive particulate speed and flux density, can be varied to best simulate actual conditions.

Specification of AirJet Erosion Tester


  1. Nozzle Size: 1.5 mm I.D., carbide material
  2. Sample Size: 25mm x 25mm x 3mm thick
  3. Angle of Incidence: 15° to 90°, in steps of 15°
  4. Temperature: Ambient