Analogue Heating Controller

Analogue Heating Controller

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Analogue Heating Controller

Analogue Heating Controller has 2 neon indicators: "Power On" white neon light and "Mantle/Bunsen Heater On" amber neon light. They all have a regulator control knob which can be turned clockwise to increase power. As the knob is turned, the heating controller's amber neon light will pulsate to show that power is being supplied to the equipment being controlled, e.g. mantles, heating tape or cord. The pulse frequency will decrease as the regulator control knob setting is increased, and at maximum setting, the amber neon will be continually illuminated..

Specification of Analogue Heating Controller

Electrical requirements: 230V

230V, 50 60 Hz, 1800W

Electrical requirements: 115V

115V, 50 60 Hz, 1150W

Controller power consumption


Dimensions (d x w x h), mm

130 x 95 x 105

Weight, kg