Andromeda Vacuum XP Autoclave ATV60

Andromeda Vacuum XP Autoclave ATV60

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Andromeda Vacuum XP Autoclave ATV60

Autoclave completely computerized rapid cycle mod. ATV 60 Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump which, at the beginning of the cycle, ejects the air pockets present in the chamber, while at the end of the sterilization stage ensures excellent drying. 5 cycles of sterilization

A sophisticated electronic system ensures constant monitoring of pressure, temperature and time. It can function without the presence of the operator, as all the functions are automatic. Locking device on the door of the electromagnetic type the total automation of each phase of the cycle prevents any human error, even by inexperienced personnel. Stainless steel chamber with 4 aluminum trays uniformly heated by a band heating element Twin tank for clean and used water Automatic water loading..


Internal dimension

mm 245x320

External dimension

mm 455x510x390


V/HZ 230/50-60


Kg 55



Security class


Heating element

W 2000

Chamber volume

lt 17