Atomic Absorption System

Atomic Absorption System

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Atomic Absorption System

The Atomic Absorption System flame instrument combines Fast Sequential design with 8-lamp capability for greater performance and reduced running costs. It is fully automated and research-grade with deuterium background correction. The Atomic Absorption System is controlled by our acclaimed Windows-based worksheet software. For multi-tasking, users can start a new analysis while simultaneously preparing a report on past results. A Universal Mark 7 spray chamber is included with standard o-rings or substituted with organic solvent compatible o-rings required for all organic solvents.

Features of Atomic Absorption System


  1. Enhanced Fast Sequential capabilities with 8-lamp capacity—Determine more elements in rapid sequence from a single aspiration of each sample.
  2. Automated burner adjustment and programmable gas control—Optimum settings for each determination.
  3. Reduced running costs—Pre-emptive sampling reduces analysis time up to 55% over single-element systems; less sampling delay, minimal sample consumption, and lower gas, reagent and lamp usage.
  4. Increased sample throughput—Smart Rinse automatically reduces rinse time for samples that don't need extensive rinsing and increases rinse time for samples in complex sample matrices.
  5. New capabilities for flame—Multiple elements are determined in rapid sequence so internal standard corrections for long-term drift or sample prep errors can be applied on line.