Atomic Absorption System

Atomic Absorption System

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Atomic Absorption System

Based on the sensitive AC-modulated technique, proven to give the best detection limits of any Zeeman spectrometer, the Atomic Absorption System, with up to 4 fixed lamp positions offers the highest sensitivity, performance, simplicity of operation and industry-leading software in atomic spectroscopy. The instrument is supplied with the graphite tube atomizer for superior graphite furnace performance and is controlled by our acclaimed Windows-based Worksheet software.

Features of Atomic Absorption System


  1. Enhanced detection limit performance—For ultra trace level detection limits, plug in high-intensity lamps.
  2. Optimized performance— PC-controlled magnetic field strength can be varied from 0.1 to 0.8 Tesla; the field strength remains locked during measurement, minimizing effects of mains voltage variations.
  3. Versatility—Add the VGA for Zeeman adaptor and the hydride generation technique to validate Zeeman graphite furnace AA results; offers the flexibility to analyze difficult matrices. Outstanding performance at ppb levels with the Constant Temperature Zone furnace design
  4. Easy alignment—Only a single light source is required.
  5. 11-fold improvement in correction accuracy—Polynomial interpolation provides superior accuracy over competing systems that use simple linear interpolation.