Autoignition Apparatus

Autoignition Apparatus

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Autoignition Apparatus

Autoignition Apparatus modified crucible furnace with digital thermocouple readout of flask temperature at prescribed points per specifications. Linearized analog output permits connection to a strip chart recorder or data logging instrument. Furnace provides rapid response and ±1°C stability throughout the operating range from Ambient to 750°C. Cylindrical heating chamber provides excellent radial temperature uniformity.

Specification of Autoignition Apparatus

1. Conforms to the specifications of:

  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 750°C
  • Temperature Control: digital setpoint solid state controller accurate to within ±1°C
  • Flask Temperature Display: 0-750°C, with four position selector switch

2. Electrical Requirements:

  • 220-240V 50/60Hz,
  • Single Phase, 7.7A

3. Dimensions

  • Furnace: 15x15x22 (38x38x56)
  • Control Cabinet: 22x10x14 (56x25x36)
  • Net Weight: 72 lbs (32.8kg)