Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Automated Liquid Handling Platform

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Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Automated Liquid Handling Platform is both versatile and precise, loaded into a small, compact footprint. Automated Liquid Handling Platform is the fastest, most versatile liquid-handling system available. The standard model fits in most standard laminar flow hoods. Providing speed and precision on your benchtop, line of liquid-handling instruments were developed with customer feedback to meet their unique needs. Automated Liquid Handling solutions cover a wide range of applications, utilizing the most advanced technologies to provide the performance and reliability that today s scientists demand.

Features of Automated Liquid Handling Platform


  1. Compact – Space-saving nine microplate-position footprint fits in a laminar flow hood.
  2. Precise – The Bravo Platform uses proven high-accuracy pipette heads for dispensing from 100 nL to 200 µL in 96- and 384-well microplates with either disposable or fixed tips for specific applications
  3. Versatile – Pipette heads can be changed in minutes, and numerous platepad options are available to enable a wide range of assays
  4. Functional – Unique open design permits access from all sides for simple system integration as well as for standalone use
  5. Flexible – Removable positions in all models permit through-desk access for tip and labware waste output
  6. Ease of Use – Powered by VWorks Automation Control software with outstanding event-driven scheduler, easy-to-use interface, and innovative error recovery technology, complete control is easy for all levels of operators