Automatic Distillation Analyzer

Automatic Distillation Analyzer

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Automatic Distillation Analyzer

The Automatic Distillation Analyzer automatically perform tests, process results, and produce standard reports according to related international test specifications. Each Automatic Distillation Unit comes ready with the equipment, accessories, and features as standard to properly run distillation groups 0 to 4 per related test specifications. No additional accessories are required. No complicated routines are needed to setup the unit. User-defined programs are easily created for customization of the analyzer.

Features of Automatic Distillation Analyzer

  1. Automatic determination of initial boiling point, final boiling point, dry point and barometric and residue corrections
  2. Diagnostic system continuously ensures proper unit performance and user safety
  3. Automatic temperature and volume calibration
  4. Programmable distillation rate (2-15mL/min)
  5. Ready for distillation groups 0 - 4
  6. Networking for up to 32 units
  7. Powerful CFC-free cooling & heating system
  8. Receiver chamber heating system to 60°C
  9. Precision level follower system with optical meniscus detector
  10. Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system with manual operation option