Automatic Freezing Point System

Automatic Freezing Point System

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Automatic Freezing Point System

The Automatic Freezing Point System provides automated sample testing with the accuracy and repeatability in accordance with related international test methods. The sample is cooled in the test chamber with constantly stirring. The sophisticated dynamic measurement system emits a light pulse every 0.5°C from a coaxial fiber optic cable positioned above the test sample. The light pulse is then reflected off the silvered-bottom test jar to an optical sensor. The initial appearance of crystallization is monitored by light scattering. The sample is then warmed up, and the temperature at which the hydrocarbon crystals disappear is recorded as the freezing point. All clear and transparent fuels are readily measured by the detection system, regardless of sample color.

Specification of Automatic Freezing Point System

1. Electrical Requirements

  • 115V 60Hz, Single Phase
  • 220V 50Hz, Single Phase

2. Dimensions

  • 26x24x31.5 (66x60x80)
  • Net Weight: 132 lbs (60kg)