Automatic Solvent Extractor

Automatic Solvent Extractor

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Automatic Solvent Extractor

A fully Automated Solvent Extractor capable of a high sample throughput, offering state-of-the-art technology for a fast, precise and accurate fat determination in complete safety.

Specification of Automatic Solvent Extractor


  1. Display: 7” color touch screen - extractable ControlPad
  2. Solventi Accettati : Capable of being used with the majority of solvents
  3. Solvent Recovery: > 90%
  4. Reproducibility (RSD):  ≤ 1%
  5. Automation: Immersion, Removing, Washing, Recovery, Cooling
  6. Lighting: LED lights show 3/6 active positions
  7. Heating Element: Glass ceramic – 3/6 positions independent switch on/off
  8. Sample Size: 0.5 to 15 g in 33x80 mm thimbles (generally 2-3 g)
  9. Seals: Viton, Butyl, and Vaflon
  10. Condensers: Titanium (VELP Patent Pending)
  11. Interfaces: 3 x USB (balance, mouse, USB stick), Ethernet (Pc)
  12. Result Calculation: Automatic, Archived on ControlPad
  13. Water Consumption: from 1.0 l/min