Automatic Titrator

Automatic Titrator

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Automatic Titrator


  1. Multi-Channel modular combination, combine up to 4 dosing units & 6 channels work at   same time.
  2. 3 standard burettes (5ml/10ml/25ml) available for options according to different application
  3. Unique built-in dosing unit to avoid the harmless chemical leak
  4. Multiple self-checking function to avoid misoperating.
  5. Flexible application edit functions, users can storage your own titration mode according to your testing and use the storage mode next time with one click.
  6. RS232/USB port, with networked CAN bus communication functions
  7. Can work with external 16-samples auto-sampler, making the multitasking operation much easier


  1. MV measuring range: -2500.0MV~+2500.0MV
  2. MV measuring Resolution: 0.1MV
  3. MV measuring Accuracy: 0.1MV
  4. pH measuring range: -20.000PH~+20.000PH
  5. pH measuring Resolution: 0.001PH
  6. pH measuring Accuracy: 0.003PH
  7. Temperature measuring range: 0~100℃
  8. Temperature measuring accuracy: ±0.1℃
  9. Interface: 2xUSB, 1xRS232, 1xEthernet
  10. Max titration station: 6
  11. Max liquid filling module: 4
  12. Burette: 5ml, 10ml, 25ml
  13. Burette resolution: 1/48,000
  14. Burette rehydration time: 16 seconds (100% filling rate)
  15. Operation: Controlled by PC
  16. Electrode Interface Type: Q9, Q6, Combination electrode connector
  17. Sampling: Up to 16 samples (16 positions Auto-sampler is optional)