Automatic Titrator T860

Automatic Titrator T860

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Automatic Titrator T860

  1. High-accuracy burette accurate to 0.005mm
  2. Wide operating voltage range 110~240V
  3. Zero-dead volume solenoid valve changing easily for PTFE burette
  4. Ultrathin stirring device, adopt coil realize magnetic Stir.
  5. Accuracy closed-loop control for volume
  6. Simple design, discrete stirring unit, detachable easily


  1. Resolution: 0.01pH; 0.1mV; 0.1℃
  2. pH measuring range: 0.00pH-14.00pH
  3. mV measuring range: 0-±2000mV
  4. Temperature measuring range: 0.0℃-100℃
  5. Repeatability: 0.20%
  6. Sensitivity of controlling titration: ≤2mV
  7. Power supply: 110-240V 50-60Hz
  8. Burett volume tolerance: Burette 15mL ±0.025Ml, Burette: 25mL ±0.035mL