Bacto Scan System

Bacto Scan System

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Bacto Scan System

Based on the measurement of Individual Bacteria Count (IBC), Bacto Scan FC+ gives an accurate determination of the hygienic quality of raw milk with a capacity of testing up to 200 samples per hour. The FDA/NCIMS accepted method delivers results in minutes, allowing farmers, milk testing laboratories and dairies to take action to preserve and enhance hygienic quality of the milk supply. Supported by a dedicated Integrator software, which provides a wide range of quality assurance and GLP features. Foss Integrator shares the same interface for all CMT instruments.

Features of Bacto Scan System

  1. Automatic determination of raw milk hygienic quality by Individual Bacteria Count
  2. Instant results in 9 minutes
  3. High capacity up to 200 samples/hour
  4. FDA/NCIMS approved
  5. Unique reagent concept
  6. Bacteria Control Sample for quality assurance and GLP
  7. Counting from 1500 CFU/ml to 10 mill CFU/ml
  8. Easy and safe to operate
  9. Superior routine method for payment analysis