Basic Laboratory Hood

Basic Laboratory Hood

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Basic Laboratory Hood

Basic Laboratory Hoods are designed specifically for laboratories, classrooms and light duty applications where safe ventilation is required. Constructed of epoxy-coated steel, Basic Hoods are economical and have a smaller overall height and depth than traditional hoods so they fit in areas with low ceilings or narrow aisles. Choose from 4 and 6-foot widths.

Feature of Basic Laboratory Hoods

  1. By-pass airflow design
  2. Durable glacier white epoxy-coated 16 gauge steel exterior and interior resists chemical exposure.
  3. Vapor-proof incandescent lights
  4. Vertical-rising tempered safety glass sash
  5. Adjustable two-piece baffle
  6. Curved air foil
  7. Blower and light switches
  8. Right side fixture panel factory-prepared to accept up to three service fixtures, one electrical duplex
  9. Right interior wall factory-prepared for one cupsink and turret.
  10. Epoxy-coated steel 10.31inch OD exhaust connection