Benchtop Elemental Analyzer

Benchtop Elemental Analyzer

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Benchtop Elemental Analyzer

The Benchtop Elemental Analyzer can analyze a large array of elements from 11Na to 92U in solids, liquids, alloys, powders and thin films. The Advanced model delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types. The Silicon Drift Detector provides superior data quality and the multiple automated tube filters enhance sensitivity. Also, polarized excitation is used for lower detection limits.

Specification of Benchtop Elemental Analyzer

1. Excitation:

  • 50 kV X-Ray Tube with Pd Anode
  • 50W Maximum Power
  • 4 Standard Polarization and Secondary Targets depending on application, for optimum excitation
  • Optional Fifth Target for Optimal Excitation of Na and Mg

2. Detection:

  • High Performance Silicon Drift Semiconductor Detector
  • Peltier Electronic Cooling
  • Optimum Balance of spectral resolution and high count rate

3. Detection Limits (LLD):

  • Sulfur: 0.54 ppm
  • Chlorine: 0.3 ppm
  • Lead: 0.0002 g/L
  • Nickel and Vanadium: 1 ppm
  • Iron: 2 pp

4. Dimensions

  • 23.6 x 23.6 x 15.7 (60 x 60 x 40)
  • Net Weight: 127 lbs (80 kg)