Bi Distillation Apparatus 2104

Bi Distillation Apparatus 2104

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Bi-Distillation Apparatus 2104

  1. Bi-distiller (Vollautomat), suitable for wall mounting and table mounting.
  2. Very good distillate quality, conductance Mono-distillate approx. 2.2 μs / cm at 25 ° C; Conductivity Bi-distillate approx. 1.6 μs / cm at 25 ° C
  3. Electronic level monitoring during the entire distillation process.
  4. Electronic dirt detector switches the unit off when the water is heavily contaminated in the first stage distillation bubble, the red "Cleaning" indicator lights up.
  5. Double water deficiency protection by float switch and second thermostatic overtemperature protection switch.
  6. Energy saving by distillation of the heated cooling water.
  7. Water saving by automatic shutdown. Unnecessary water consumption is avoided.
  8. Distillation bubble easily accessible for cleaning purposes.
  9. Distillate removal: for mono-distillate shut-off valve made of borosilicate glass 3.3 with chicks made of PTFE, for bi-distillate free drain with dust protection bell made of borosilicate glass 3.3.
  10. CO 2 degassing opening on the condenser.
  11. Radiator and distillation bubble made of stainless steel
  12. Double-walled housing. Outer casing consists of electrolytically galvanized steel sheet, electrostatically powdercoated with epoxy resin.
  13. Main switches and control lamps for monitoring both distillation stages are located on the front of the appliance.
  14. Water supply via built-in solenoid valve with connection for water pressure hose 1/2 "(inner diameter approx. 12.7 mm).
  15. Cooling water drain with hose connection 3/4 "(ø approx. 19.0 mm).
  16. Hoses for water supply and drainage are available as additional equipment.

Bi Distillation Apparatus 2104


4 L / H


Approx. 2.2 Μs / Cm At 25 ° C. 
Approx. 1.6 Μs / Cm At 25 ° C. *

Type Of Distillation



1st Stage: Stainless Steel 
2nd Stage: Duranglas


Fully Automatic

Reservoir Contents

Without Storage Tank

Additional Features


Cooling Water Required

Approx. 120 L / H

Required Cooling Water Pressure

3 Bar To Max. 7 Bar

Outside Dimensions 
(W X D X H)

550 X 280 X 570 Mm

Electrical Connection

400 V / 50 ... 60 Hz / 7 Kw 3 Ph / N / PE Three-Phase Current **

Net Weight

About 27.5 Kg

Gross Weight (Carton On Pallet)

Approx. 54.0 Kg, Not Stackable