Binocular Entry Level Microscope Research Type

Binocular Entry Level Microscope Research Type

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Description of Binocular Entry Level Microscope Binocular body is inclined at 45 Degrees for great ease of observation

  1. Binocular body can be raised or lowered on pillar stand
  2. Interpupillary distance is adjustable between 51mm and 75mm
  3. Dioptric adjustment is possible with one eyepiece tube
  4. Focusing is by rack and pinion with safety stopper
  5. Equipped with pairs of objectives TURRET MOUNT for rapid magnification change
  6. Magnification range is from 5X to 80X with optional eyepieces
  7. Illumination employs LED


Specification of Binocular Entry Level Microscope 

The SKT Series Stereo Microscopes have crisp, erect images over a wide field of view.

With a wide range of models featuring incident illumination, transmitted illumination or both, these study microscopes are built to last, year after year. Just perfect for grade schools and high schools!

This great for observing any biological or physical science specimens, coins, etc., virtually any object because the pole stand allows the optics to be raised high enough to fit virtually any specimen.