Binocular Entry Level Stereo Microscope

Binocular Entry Level Stereo Microscope

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Binocular Entry Level Stereo Microscope

1. Viewing Heads - Optical instrument which accepts eyepieces and mounts on top of the microscope frame

  • Binocular or Trinocular 45Deg inclined tube
  • 360 Deg rotatable
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment 54mm–76mm

2. Eyepieces - Lens closest to the eye, magnifies the primary image formed by the objective lens

  • Paired WF10X/22mm
  • F.O.V 32.8mm – 4.9mm

3. Stage - Permits precise, mechanical manipulation of the specimen slide

  • 4inch Plastic Black and White Stage Plate
  • Locked-on spring loaded stage clips (paired)

4. Stand - Versatile ergonomic stand providing stability for microscope

  • Cast aluminum alloy frame
  • 210mm X 273mm X 22mm base dimension
  • 248mm pillar height, 32mm pillar diameter
  • Rugged, cast metal frame with stable footprint design
  • White enamel paint finish, chemical resistant finish