Binocular Polarizing Microscope ML9200

Binocular Polarizing Microscope ML9200

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Under the exemplary leadership and guidance of our expert professionals, we have been able to emerge as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Binocular Polarizing Microscope ML9200. It has a built-in focusable bertrand lens on rotatable disc with centering controls. We manufacture this microscope using high quality materials and components, sourced from trusted vendors. This Binocular Polarizing Microscope ML9200 is great for metallurgical labs and foundries for silicon wafer inspection and quality control.


  • DIN standard eyepiece
  • Strain free abbe condenser
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment

Description of Binocular Polarizing Microscope ML9200

  1. DIN standard eyepiece HWF10X
  2. DIN focusing HWF10XF eyepiece with cross-line reticle
  3. Centerable quadruple nosepiece
  4. SM Plan Strain Free objectives 4X, 10X,40X(S) (Magnification factor 1.5X)
  5. Rotatable stage with graduation 360Deg with vernier readings, 150mm diameter
  6. Strain Free Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with Iris, filter holder and blue filter
  7. Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount, analyzer and Bertrand lens in sliding mount
  8. Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with graduation
  9. Built-in Koehler illuminator with halogen lamp 6V 30W light intensity control
  10. Mica 1/4 wave plate
  11. First order red plate
  12. Slide opening in top limb for insertion of DIN standard 20mm X 6mm compensator, slide away SE-NW (Mica 1/4 wave plate and sensitive tint plate included)