Biosafety Cabinets C1 Class II

Biosafety Cabinets C1 Class II

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Biosafety Cabinets C1 Class II

The Purifier Axiom Biosafety Cabinets C1 Class II is the first biological safety cabinet that can be used in a recirculating Type A-mode for standard microbiological work, or can be connected to an exhaust system to function in Type-B mode for handling hazardous chemical vapors or radionuclides. Because of the efficient, well-defined airflow pattern over its work surface, the Axiom is safer and easier to operate than traditional biosafety cabinets.

Feature of Biosafety Cabinets C1 Class II


  1. Nominal inflow velocity of 105fpm (0.53 m/sec)
  2. Nominal downflow velocity of 65 fpm (0.33 m/sec)
  3. Patent-pending design
  4. Interior-mounted, line-of-sight LCD information center with "Filter Life Remaining" bar graph, status line for alarm conditions and alerts to warn when filter life diminishes to 20%, 10% and 0%
  5. Filter monitoring system consisting of an electronically commutated motor (ECM) that delivers a precise volume of air as required and automatically adjusts as filters load without relying on airflow sensors
  6. System that allows the user to program start up and shut down operations