BioSpec Preclinical Imaging

BioSpec Preclinical Imaging

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BioSpec Preclinical Imaging

  1. UltraShield Refrigerated USR magnet technology at field strengths from 4.7 up to 21 Tesla for unsurpassed sensitivity in small animal MRI
  2. A wide range of bore sizes between 11 and 40 cm for investigations on all animals of relevance in preclinical imaging
  3. Helium zero-boil-off and Nitrogen free magnet technology for reduced maintenance costs and longer service intervals
  4. Scalable AVANCE III HD MRI RF architecture incorporating up to 16 receiver, 4 independent and 8 parallel transmitter channels

Technical Data:


  1. Actively-shielded superconducting wide-bore magnet
  2. Nitrogen free (no cryogenic maintenance by customer)
  3. Cryo-refrigerator (Minimal helium consumption, long hold-times, long maintenance intervals)
  4. Reduced stray field
  5. Screening against external field perturbations
  6. Table attached to the magnet front side with integrated rail for animal handling system
  7. Passive RT shim system
  8. Vibration damping (absorber)