Bond Index Tester

Bond Index Tester

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Bond Index Tester

Bond Index Tester detailed overview and knowledge of the characteristics of a raw material is of utmost importance, especially when planning the layout of a crushing plant. In order to minimize all possible risks extensive trials are necessary to obtain information on the properties of the raw materials A clear definition of the required crushing capacities and the desired product quality can be precisely determined by using the Bond Index test methods. Using the Bond Index test procedures it is possible to calculate crushing / abrasion behavior of mineral samples. This knowledge is essential to define the required ball mill layout and production capacity.

Features of Bond Index Tester

  • Applications: Quantification of grindability of ores and minerals
  • Field of application: construction materials, environment / recycling, geology / metallurgy
  • Feed material: hard, brittle
  • Size reduction principle friction
  • Material feed size: < 3.35 mm with ball module / 12.50 mm with rod module
  • Final fineness: < 100 µm with ball module / 2,100 µm with rod module
  • Batch size / feed quantity: min. 15 kg with ball module / min. 20 kg with rod module
  • Rotation speed 70 min-1 with ball module / 46 min-1 with rod module
  • No. of grinding stations 1
  • Material of grinding tools: hardened steel
  • Grinding jar sizes: 21.7 l with ball module / 43.3 l with rod module
  • Setting of grinding time digital
  • Drive power: 0.75 kW
  • Electrical supply data: different voltages
  • Power connection: 1-phase
  • W x H x D closed: 1500 x 1200 x 700 mm
  • Net weight: ~ 295 kg