Box Resistance Furnace

Box Resistance Furnace

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Box Resistance Furnace

This kind of periodical furnace is used by labs, industry, and scientific for research element analysis, as well as for heating of small size iron works quenching, annealing and tempering; other applications include iron heating and ceramic sintering, dissolving, and analyzing.


  1. Cold rolling steel spraying exterior; open-side door enables easy on/off
  2. Medium-temperature furnace adopts enclosed fire pot; uniform heating and long service life are provided by spiral electrothermal alloy wire elements that embedded in all four inwall of chamber.
  3. High-temperature tubular resistance furnace adopts heat resistant combustion tube and takes elema as heating component to fix on outer sleeve of fire pot.
  4. High-temperature box resistance furnace takes elema as heating component fixing in the fire pot to ensure high heat use ratio.
  5. Light-weight spumy insulating brick of 0.4~0.6 and aluminosilicate fiber cotton are used as thermal insulation material to ensure good heat insulation, to promote heat storage capacity, to shorten heating up time, and to reduce power loss and power consumption.