Ceramic Fiber Furnace

Ceramic Fiber Furnace

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Ceramic Fiber Furnace 

The product is used for elements analysis in colleges & universities, scientific research institutes, and laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises.



  1. Imported high density ceramic fiber
  2. It adopts the platinum rhodium thermocouple and import heating elements which has sensitive response, controls temperature with high precision and has good thermal endurance.
  3. Dual Ceramic Inner Chamber, hollow heat insulation and good ventilation ensure that outer shell is not hot and the inner shell can cool down quickly, by which the temperature can go up and down quickly.
  4. It has various safety protection measures as thermocouple failure and over temperature protection to avoid accidents occurring.
  5. Heating rates is about 60 per min and Cooling rate is about 5 per min.
  6. Furnace door and furnace mouth which adopt stainless steel material don't change color in high temperature.