Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer

Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer

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Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer

The Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer main used for liquid heating and stirring in industry, agriculture, health and medicine, scientific research and college laboratory etc.


  1. Stretched shell and cover prevent leaking.
  2. Heating and stirring can proceed simultaneously.
  3. Enclosed hot plate with flame protection, fast warm-up and durability
  4. Heating Power and stirring speed is stepless adjusted.
  5. Max. Temp. to 380 degree, max. Speed to 1600 r.p.m.
  6. With the adjustable sensor rack and Stainless Steel Rods

New digital model Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer with the following function:


  1. Setting temperature precisely
  2. Setting rotational speed precisely and stirring speed is stepless adjustable This instrument with the speed switch which can start and stop stirring at any time
  3. With the function of timing (0-9999min) that can set time in accordance with customers' requirements. The instrument also with audible and visual alarm
  4. Dual inside and outside sensors, the outside sensor can control precisely the temperature of heated liquid. The inside K sensor can control the temperature of hot plate.
  5. One key to shift inside and outside sensor, easy to operate and control precisely.