Cleanroom Air Shower

Cleanroom Air Shower

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Cleanroom Air Shower

Cleanroom Air Shower are self contained chambers installed at entrances to cleanrooms and other controlled environments. They minimize particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space. Personnel and materials entering or exiting the controlled environment are "scrubbed" by high velocity filtered air jets with velocities of 20-22m/s (4000-4300fpm). Contaminated air is then drawn through the base within the unit, filtered and recirculated.

Features of Cleanroom Air Shower

  1. High velocity shower jets in excess of 20 m/s ensure efficient scrubbing action to remove particulate matter.
  2. Operating modes can be programmed in the field.
  3. Microprocessor controller supervises all functions.
  4. Mini-pleated HEPA filtration achieves > 99.999% typical efficiency at 0.3 micron particles.
  5. A disposable pre-filter with 85% arrestance extends the life of the main filter.
  6. An emergency stop button is mounted on both sides of the shower.
  7. Indicator lights mounted on both sides of the air shower exterior regulate traffic flow in and out of the cleanroom.
  8. Permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blowers are used in conjunction with stainless steel air nozzles.