Closed Microwave Digestion or Extraction System

Closed Microwave Digestion or Extraction System

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Closed Microwave Digestion or Extraction System

  1. All-steel industrial grade chamber with corrosion resistance and ultra-long life;
  2. Ultra strength aerospace composite fiber digestion outer vessel;
  3. Exclusive patented multifunctional safety bolt design, instead of safety membrane and other consumables;
  4. Precise pressure control by piezoelectric crystal without cross-contamination problem


  1. Power: 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz  8A
  2. Microwave frequency: 2450MHz
  3. Installed power : 1800W
  4. Maximum output power: 1000W,  non-pulse continuous automatic variable frequency control
  5. Turntable design: Load 8 MP-100 closed digestion vessels at same time
  6. Pressure measurement and control system: Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy ± 0.01MPa
  7. Temperature measurement and control system: High-precision platinum resistor temperature sensor, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃
  8. Outer vessel material: Explosion-proof outer vessel made of aerospace composite fiber
  9. Inner vessel material: TFM material
  10. Chamber exhaust system: High-power anticorrosion axial fan, exhaust speed: 3.1 m3/min
  11. Operating ambient temperature: 0-40
  12. Working environment humidity: 15-80%RH
  13. Whole physical size: 450 x 515 x 510 mm (W x D x H)
  14. Net weight: 40 KG