Color Camera DP27

Color Camera DP27

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Description of Color Camera DP27

The DP27 is a highly evolved digital color camera system, answering the needs of many scientific microscopy and routine imaging purposes, including documentation, reporting and analysis. Advanced technologies such as the Progressive Scan readout of the chip guarantee a live image which is fast, fluid and free from distracting artifacts e.g. image striping or color ghosts, making day-long routine work more comfortable and efficient. Exploring the sample and focusing on the screen becomes a natural alternative to working at the oculars, while color reproduction is optimized using the real-time color profiles. The DP27 can present a live image at Full HD at 25 frames per second or, if needed, a comfortably fast (15 frames per second), very detailed 5 megapixel live image. In addition, its extensive dynamic range and sensitivity ensures that the images captured are of outstanding quality, even under challenging illumination conditions. Also available in a completely stand-alone configuration, where the camera's fluid live image and excellent color fidelity all ensure an efficient and stress-free microscopy workflow.

Specification of Color Camera DP27

Image Sensor

Color CCD

Sensor Size

2/3 inch

Resolution (max.)

2448 x 1920 pixels

Pixel Size

3.45 x 3.45 µm


2 x 2

A/D Converter

12 bits

Exposure Times

50 µs - 8 s

Live Frame Rates

15 fps at 2448 x 1920 pixels

30 fps at 1224 x 960 pixels

22 fps at 1920 x 1080 pixels

Data Transfer

USB 3.0

Partial Readout

PC control

✓(32 bti and 64 bit)

Stand Alone