Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer

Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer

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Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer

Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer is used to test a variety of vehicle brakes and assemblies. This includes disc and drum brakes of small to medium cars as well as brake systems for larger limousines to medium-sized. Test brakes can be mounted to the dynamometer using the traditional adaptation with disc and calliper on tailstock as well as modern adaptations with original steering knuckle and wheel bearing. A standardized machine knuckle including wheel bearing is also possible. Due to the accurate inertia simulation and the precise actuation of the controller, brake systems can be tested under realistic conditions. Depending on the customers’ requirements, the functionality of the Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer Performance can be extended with many options.

Features of Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer


  1. Compact plug & play design
  2. Including DIDAC tailstock for brake torque measurement
  3. Complete electronics on board
  4. Dynamometer already pre-wired
  5. One single transport unit including electronic cabinets
  6. Initial commissioning already completed prior to shipping
  7. Installation directly on factory floor, no seismic foundation block required
  8. Mechanical inertia simulation with base inertia and two engageable flywheels