Comparison Chart Fume Hood

Comparison Chart Fume Hood

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Comparison Chart Fume Hood

These tables allow easy side-by-side comparison of system features. Each opens in its own window and links to corresponding product information.

1. Free-Standing Laminar Flow Workstations (Clean Benches)

  • These systems incorporate a frame that positions the hood above the work surface. Most feature a two-piece design that isolates the hood from the work surface to minimize vibration.

2. Portable Laminar Flow Hoods (Clean Benches)

  • Designed for positioning on an existing counter or work bench, these portable hoods offer a particle-free enclosure in a smaller, more versatile package.

3. Laboratory Fume Hoods (Ducted Exhaust Hoods)

  • In addition to several conventional laboratory hoods, this line includes many enclosures designed to be hard-ducted to an in-house exhaust ventilation system. Remote exhausting makes them ideal for use with a broad range of fumes, including potential chemical hazards.

4. Ductless Fume Hoods

  • These carbon-filtered enclosures feature on-board fans that safely contain and remove common fumes, allowing indoor exhaust.