Confocal Wire Myograph System 360CW

Confocal Wire Myograph System 360CW

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Confocal Wire Myograph System 360CW

Features of Confocal Wire Myograph System 360CW :

  1. For use with small vessels or ring shapes tissues from 30 m - 3 mm, inverse mounted on special jaws
  2. For fluorescence or high-end morphological imaging
  3. Sandwich bath design enables use of very low working distance objectives
  4. Conical chamber to facilitate very low media volume Hinged top facilitates easy access. 
Specifications of Confocal Wire Myograph System 360CW :

The Confocal Wire Myograph System - 360CW is specially designed to provide very close optical access to the mounted artery or tissue segment, thereby allowing high resolution images of fluorescent dyes or markers by laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM). This system elegantly combines LSCM with artery myography to allow simultaneous measurements of isometric force and fluorescence. A perfect example are studies that correlate isometric contractions in an isolated, mounted blood vessel and intracellular Ca2+ measurements within the vascular smooth muscle cells. The unique design of the chamber combines the precision and stability of conventional wire myographs with the added feature of precise Z-axis movement by a micrometer. This optimises the flexibility of using this system with different LSCMs and various high magnification objectives.