Constant Temperature Drying Oven

Constant Temperature Drying Oven

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Constant Temperature Drying Oven

This new device is widely used for drying, baking, soluble wax, solidification and thermal treatment in the school laboratory, industrial and mining, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals industry for the samples



  1. New vertical design, cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
  2. Stainless steel inner chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning The space between the shelves in the chamber is adjustable. The two sides heating air passage and bottom heating cover can be fast assembled and disassembled.
  3. PID micro-computer intelligent temperature controller with functions of timing of operation (0-9999min), fixed temperature operation, over-temperature alarm, automatically stop, precisely temperature control and convenient to read.
  4. High quality heat isolation door with wide hollow tempered glass observation window, adjustable air-tight buckle lock and silicon rubber seal.
  5. Heating power with high and low gears, the user can choose different heating power as requirement.