Constant Temperature Incubator

Constant Temperature Incubator

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Constant Temperature Incubator            

This device is widely applicable in the school laboratory, industrial and mining, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals industry for bacterium and microorganism culturing.


  1. High quality cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
  2. Stainless Steel or cold rolling sheet inner chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, space between shelves is adjustable.
  3. Micro-computer intelligent control system with PID program, large screen digital display and light touching operation key.
  4. PID micro-computer intelligent temperature controller with functions of timing of operation (0-9999min), fixed temperature operation, over-temperature alarm, automatically stop.
  5. Double doors (Inside is the high quality glass door, the outside is the magnetically steel door), the user can see the sample condition from the inner glass door.