Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer

Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer

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Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer

Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer is used to determine the total sulfur content in coal and liquid fuel. A sample is combusted in a dry air atmosphere; the gases evolved go to a electrolytic cell containing platinum indicating electrodes and platinum electrolysis electrodes. A small current is produced as the sulfur reacts with electrodes; the current is balanced and equivalent to the amount of sulfur present in coal.

1. Easy Operation

  • Auto self-diagnosis
  • Protect heating components by over temperature alarms and auto heating off function
  • Large volume reagent tube to minimize the maintenance of changing the reagent

2. Cost Saving

The test can be performed without oxygen, and the desiccant can be used repeatedly.


  • Analysis Resolution: 0.01%
  • Max. Sample loading: 1 sample per batch automatically
  • Sulfur Range: 0.01%-30% customized range available
  • Min. Analysis Time: 3min
  • Operation Temp: 0-1200°c selectable (for coal 1150℃ is recommended, for oil 920℃ is recommended.)
  • Temp Control Precision: ±3
  • Sample Mass: 45-55mg for coal, 80-100mg for oil
  • Power Supply: Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, 3kW
  • Net Weight: 53kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 968mmx510mmx345mm