Cryo Microtome

Cryo Microtome

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Cryo Microtome

The Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Plus is a precision instrument used to freeze and section tissue specimens. The instrument consists of a cabinet with a refrigerated chamber, Cryobar, blade holder and microtome. The Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Plus is the only instrument on the market providing a high quality auto disinfection system. This advanced system disinfects the surfaces inside the cryo chamber in approximately 75 minutes, using a high concentration of ozone, without leaving debris. The instrument can also be delivered with a motorised microtome, to intermittently or continuously section specimens as selected by the operator.

Specification of Cryo3 Plus Microtome Tissue Tek

  1. Dimensions W x D x H 60 x 75 x 118 cm
  2. Weight 200 kg
  3. Chamber temperature range -35°C to 0°C
  4. Cryobar Temperature -50°C minimum (Cryo+ section)
  5. Sectioning speed range:
  • Maximum: 28 sections per minute
  • Minimum: 2 sections per minute
  • Specimen size round 25, 38 and 55 mm
  • Specimen orientation 8° to 10° (x and y axis), 360° (z axis)
  • Sectioning range 1 to 99 µ in 1 µ increments
  • Travel range
  • Vertical 63 mm
  • Horizontal 31.75 mm