Cryostat Microtomes For Mohs Surgery

Cryostat Microtomes For Mohs Surgery

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Cryostat Microtomes For Mohs Surgery

TheCryostat Microtomes For Mohs Surgery is the best value cryostat available for cryosectioning including critical applications such as Mohs surgery. The delivers high-quality sections the fast, simple and efficient way. Time is crucial when sectioning frozen specimens. An actively cooled quick freezing shelf with defrost function and a powerful refrigeration system are provided to get rapid results. In a minimum of time, the specimen can be clamped and oriented with the easy-to-use orientation system. With the you have everything to obtain high quality sections without paying for the features that you do not need.

Specification ofCryostat Microtomes For Mohs Surgery

Section thickness selection

2 - 60 μm

Total specimen feed

25 mm

Vertical stroke

59 mm

Maximum specimen size

55 x 55 mm or 50 x 80 mm

Specimen orientation

8° (x-, y-, z-Achse)

Electric coarse feed

slow 600 μm/s rapid 900 μm/s

Width (w/o handwheel)

600 mm

Width (with handwheel)

730 mm


730 mm


1140 mm