Culture Myograph Systems

Culture Myograph Systems

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Culture Myograph Systems

Features of Culture Myograph Systems

  1. Provides long-term preservation of vessels >60 μm.
  2. Built-in heating.
  3. System includes integrated microscope with camera for continuous vessel monitoring.
  4. Possible to measure lumen size, wall thickness, cross-sectional area and other vascular parameters during culture.
  5. The FlowMeter 162FM can easily be integrated to precisely control luminal flow.
  6. Culture chamber easy to sterilize

Specifications of Culture Myograph Systems

The Culture Myograph System is designed to provide long-term functional preservation of small blood vessels by maintaining them under controlled culture conditions of intravascular pressure and flow. By using a closed, sterile system and standard culture methodology, vessels can be studied for several days.​ The system has an integrated microscope for continuous monitoring of the vessel during the culture period. The system contains a stage with built-in heating and two reservoirs that are pressurized by an external pressure unit to maintain a consistent intravascular pressure.