Desk Top Sterilization

Desk Top Sterilization

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Desk Top Sterilization

The optimum performance Desk Top Sterilization with user-friendly function & excellent construction to maximize effectiveness of your invaluable test process


  1. Full Automatic: Possible to use for full automatic only button by user.
  2. Auto drain: Auto drain system when the power failed. This is for safety of user.
  3. LED Display: Easy use methods, single glance of working process as LED display.
  4. User Mode: Ease choice for sterilization temperature, sterilization time & drying time.
  5. Door: one touch methods.
  6. Safety device: safety device for over temperature, over pressure, door close device & electric problem.
  7. Self-Test function: Error cord sign in the display as self-test function in the working processing.
  8. Gasket: Long life gasket by exhaustive design.