Digi Mantles

Digi Mantles

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Digi Mantles

Digi Mantles enable a round bottom flask of 100 to 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml capacity to be stirred and heated up to an element temperature of 450°C through precise electronic control, giving an accurate measure of temperature and stirring. The modular design allows heating cartridges of different sizes to be interchanged using the same digital controller as a base, which makes Digi Mantles a very cost-effective option. 

Features of Digi Mantles


  1. Same controller accommodates different capacity heating cartridges, i.e. interchangeable design
  2. Round bottom flask capacity of between 100ml to 1000ml
  3. Vented casing ensures the outer is safe to touch
  4. Greater stirring stability and speeds from 100 to 2000rpm
  5. Controller with display menus and touch pad interface
  6. Indicator lights for power, stirrer and heater operation