Digital Force Stirrer

Digital Force Stirrer

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Digital Force Stirrer

Digital Magnetic (Electric Heating Jacket) Stirrer use computer chip as the main control unit, multiple digital filter circuit, PID for temperature control High precision measurement Two display windows Internal and external thermocouple test temperature



  1. The control panel designed 30° slopes for convenient operation.
  2. Available for heating and stirring standard/non-standard reaction flasks from 50ml to 1000ml
  3. DC brushless motor makes stable operation, low noise, long using life and no spark.
  4. Metal plate shell, firm and durable, thermostability and anti-corrosion
  5. Knob thermal control, LCD display temperature, visual intuitive and humanized design.
  6. Using electric heating jacket and heating area is large,heating uniform and fast.Max surface temperature can reach 320 ℃.
  7. PID for temperature control. Self-tuning function.High precision measurement Single button operation.Internal and external thermocouple, Silicon controlled for output 160-240V wide voltage power supply and burnout protection function
  8. Steady working at low speed, powerful working at high speed.