Dissolution Sampling Station

Dissolution Sampling Station

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Dissolution Sampling Station

The Dissolution Sampling Station offers the latest capabilities for centralizing laboratory workflow of sample transfer, filtration and collection. By managing unattended dissolution sampling and automated sample archiving for future analysis, the frees up analysts' time while eliminating sampling errors associated with manual sampling. Take a look at the interactive demo and check out the Dissolution Exchange, an interactive resource to learn more about dissolution, solve laboratory challenges, and discuss pertinent dissolution topics.

Features of Dissolution Sampling Station

  1. Sampling from the dissolution apparatus in a precise, repeatable manner, reducing variability and improving throughput efficiency
  2. Variable pump speeds with shorter timepoint intervals and handling of different media types, including surfactants
  3. Built-in rotating piston syringe pump and filtration options from its integrated, compact design that saves valuable bench space
  4. Multiple sample tray options, including ability to sample directly into sample trays that can be placed directly into the autosampler, eliminating manual vial transfer
  5. Optional filter module uses Healthcare filter membranes in an exclusive Whatman channel filter plate design, simplifying filter replacement between timepoints