Dissolution System

Dissolution System

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Dissolution System

Dissolution System is an ideal choice for analysis of dosage forms where rapid timepoint requirements are essential. With the ability to sample as often as every 45 seconds, the Spectrophotometer with multiplexer provides excellent optical transmission and reproducibility capabilities, and the extended linear photometric range is ideally suited for fiber optic analysis. Available in single- or dual-apparatus configurations, the system offers in situ readings for precise reading, and the probes are only lowered into position when the sample is taken, minimizing hydrodynamic disturbance.

Features of Dissolution System

  1. Generate accurate and robust data, accommodate a range of dissolution samples and methods, and correct for samples with excipient and background interferences with Dissolution Software.
  2. Simplify cleaning with only rinsing and wiping of the fiber optic probes and tips.
  3. Reduce the cost of ownership with fewer moving parts and consumables.