Double Beam Atomic Absorption System

Double Beam Atomic Absorption System

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Double Beam Atomic Absorption System

The Atomic Absorption System is ideal for any laboratory requiring an entry level system with advanced capabilities. The Double Beam Atomic Absorption System features an LCD screen and dedicated keyboard for simple, stand-alone operation. The Double Beam Atomic Absorption System combines rugged, reliable hardware with an integrated software interface for fast, easy operation..

Features of Double Beam Atomic Absorption System


  1. Designed for corrosive environments — Sealed optics with quartz overcoated mirrors protect unit from dust or vapors. Optional air purge maintains continuous flow of clean air inside the instrument.
  2. Rugged, industrial LCD screen and dedicated keypad suit rigorous laboratory conditions — unlike touch panel screens susceptible to premature failure.
  3. Fast deuterium correction — High-intensity deuterium background corrector (optional) provides a fast 2 ms response time for accurate correction of transient background signal.
  4. Fast, simple operation — Fully automated wavelength and slit selection eliminate complex alignment procedures. Two lamp positions mean you can measure and pre-warm the lamp for the next element, saving set-up time.
  5. Easy lamp set-up — Adjust or replace the background correction lamp without removing the instrument covers.
  6. Expandable — Combine with the SIPS — Sample Introduction Pump System — to reduce standard and sample prep time, complete multi-point calibrations online, and quickly dilute over range samples.