Downflow Booth

Downflow Booth

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Down Flow Booth

Down Flow Booth provide containment by utilizing high velocity air to capture airborne dust particles. Down Flow Booth are versatile devices that can:

  • Be used to control exposure risk to hazardous materials for a wide variety of equipment and processes.
  • When used correctly, provide Operator Exposure Levels (OEL's) 100 micrograms/meter3 over an 8 hour Time Weighted Average (TWA).

Features of Down Flow Booth

  1. Modular, easy-to-clean rigid design with minimal joints.
  2. Single, Two-Stage or Three-Stage HEPA/ULPA filtration can be accommodated.
  3. Removable bulkhead panels enable access to fine dust filter for service from inside the booth.
  4. Re-circulatory Airflow or Single Pass Airflow if solvent or hazardous fumes are present in the process (may also require explosion proof electricals).
  5. Cooling Coils can be fitted to offset heat gains in re-circulatory airflow systems.